Cedar Fair Parks

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it has been 3 months since I last posted anything here. With that being the case this post feels a little outdated, except for the last part which includes a recent visit to a Cedar Fair Park

Since our kids are amusement park fanatics, especially any park that is heavy on roller coasters, we decided to check out Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio after spending most of the summer in Michigan. Cedar Point is considered the “roller coaster capital of the world” and it sure did not disappoint.

But first, since we planned to spend a couple of weeks visiting Cedar Point, it made sense to buy a season pass and we decided to go with the Platinum Pass since it also included a park in Michigan and also Carowinds in NC/SC.

So our first Cedar Fair Park was Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon, MI. We conveniently stayed at Duck Creek RV Park just across the street, so for the week we stayed there we went several times to both the water park and amusement park.

Shivering Timbers is the most popular ride there. It is a long wooden coaster. Although it is fun, it is so rough! I’m not a huge fan of wooden coasters.

We enjoyed this park, but Chris & I thought the rides were too rough. It’s an older park so the roller coasters are older and more rickety than the newer smooth coasters we like better these days. However, our kids didn’t mind at all! Maybe it’s our age that makes us more sensitive to the roughness of the older rides. 😉

After a week at Michigan’s Adventure, we headed to Cedar Point and had a blast there for 2 weeks. We stayed right on property at Lighthouse Point Campground. It was so nice and convenient to walk over to the water park and theme park as often as we wanted. We literally went to one or both parks every day for 14 days straight! I was exhausted by the time we left there, but it was so much fun!

With the exception of Velocicoaster at Universal Orlando (which is our favorite coaster anywhere), Cedar Point has the best roller coasters we’ve ever ridden. This park should definitely be on any roller coaster fan’s bucket list.

If you followed any of my summer in Michigan posts, you might remember that I became obsessed with following the ships of the Great Lakes. While we were at Cedar Point, I kept an eye on the Marine Traffic app and noticed that the Kaye Barker ship was about to sail by our campground. Other than Soo Locks, this was the only other ship we got to see up close. It was so cool!

Besides roller coasters there are so many other rides to choose from, it would be hard to get bored. It’s a beautiful park surrounded by Lake Erie. The water park was also a very nice place to cool off on those hot summer days.

We took a few days off from amusement park rides as we traveled down to Charlotte to visit Carowinds. My parents live in Charlotte so an added bonus was to visit with them while we visited Carowinds. In fact I used to go to Carowinds often when I was a teenager living in Charlotte. It’s nothing like I remember though. It has changed so much!

Before the year ended we were able to go back to Carowinds one more time in December for WinterFest since we were back in Charlotte to celebrate Christmas. It happened to be very cold the night we were there. It was a lot different riding roller coasters in the 40-something degree weather compared to the high 90s we experienced in August.

We really enjoyed our time visiting these 3 Cedar Fair parks and hope to re-visit them again someday as well as some others that are included on the Platinum Pass that we didn’t make it to this time.

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