Destin, Florida

One place I have always wanted to visit was Destin. I have heard how beautiful it is, and I was definitely not disappointed. I love the Gulf Coast because I love to watch the sunset over the water and I love the soft, white sand. We stayed at a really nice resort called Destin West RV Resort.


On one side of the resort is the Choctawhatchee Bay:



The other side is right across the street from the beach.  There is a Ramada Plaza hotel across the street that is somehow associated with the RV Resort so we were able to use their pool and facilities. They have a really nice pool with a volcano waterfall, but the water was too cold to go in. Their other pool was heated so the kids got some use out of that one.  Here is a picture of the volcano pool:


One thing I thought was really cool about this hotel is their poolside rooms.  You can step right off your patio and into the pool!  If I were going to stay in this hotel I would definitely try to get one of these rooms in the summer time.


On our first night the kids loved playing in the white sand making “snow” angels,


and then playing at the ocean playground,


and then dinner at the Crab Trap


where we were able to watch a beautiful sunset.



The next day we went to a place called Track where we rode go carts and bumper cars. I’m sure Chris would want me to mention how he got whiplash because I crashed into him at the end of the track. The employees were directing everyone to park because the ride was over, but I guess I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t stop in time. Oops! I’m just glad they didn’t yell at me! But they did yell at me when we stopped on the track to take this picture:



Then we went to the Harbor Walk which has the most beautiful views of the blue-green water


We had lunch at Margaritaville where the kids got to have some yummy strawberry smoothies




The kids loved playing on the beach and building sand castles







And of course another beautiful sunset.  Did I mention I love sunsets?


On a side note, I wanted to mention that before we started out on this adventure, Jesse was not very excited about the idea.  Jake loved the idea as much as Chris & I did, but Jesse was hesitant to leave our house that he loves. One thing that has been really awesome is that Jesse is loving this new life just as much as the rest of us, if not more!  He hasn’t missed home one bit and now says he loves doing this.  Doesn’t it look like he’s having fun?


We celebrated Chris’s birthday this week — not a bad location to celebrate a birthday!  He is now the same age as me for 3 days. We’ll celebrate my birthday at our next stop when I become the “older woman” again.

We very much enjoyed our last stop in Florida before we head west.  Next stop: Alabama!

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11 thoughts on “Destin, Florida

  1. Audrey Rodriguez

    I,m so glad that all of you are enjoying the adventure. The children and I pray for all of you at Children,s Community Bible study each Wed and I give them a update of where you and Jake and Jesse are. May God continue to be with you on your travels..God,s Love and Mine, Audrey Rodriguez

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  2. Denise

    Love following your travels……

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  3. What a beautiful place, sis. Love you guys.

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  4. Tanya Coker

    So Happy for you guys Heather that you and your family are able to experience this amazing adventure with your family..Enjoy this amazing time. I love you started a blog so I can see and learn about your travels and see the great pictures of. you guys around the country and also be able to see it through the eyes of your family so Thanks again for sharing wishing you safe travels and amazing times.together. Much love and many Blessings.. Tanya 🙂

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  5. The pictures are beautiful, I did not realize the water was that color there. Wowzers. Can’t wait to return to FL next winter & have a stop over there at some point.
    As for the birthdays..I too am “the older woman”. LoL I am older for 3.5 months & he loves to make sure that during that time everyone knows. Stinker. 😉

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  6. Maureen

    Love following your travels! A major life change….enjoy and stay safe. Love your 5th wheel….it’s beautiful.

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  8. Thanks great bblog post


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