Sabino Canyon

We had a short visit to Tucson, Arizona — we cut it short because it’s over 100 degrees there right now.  There is so much to see and do in Tucson so we’ll have to plan to go back another time when it’s not so hot.  We did manage one sightseeing day while there despite the heat.  We visited Sabino Canyon in the Coronado National Forest.  Because it’s part of a National Forest we were able to get in with our National Park pass which has turned out to be a great deal.  $80 for a National Park annual pass for the whole family — we are getting lots of use out of it visiting as many National Parks, Monuments, Forests, Seashores and Recreation Areas as possible.

Sabino Canyon was beautiful.  The mountains are covered in Saguaro Cactus plants which I had never seen growing in the wild before.  It was a pretty cool thing to see!

Because it was so hot, we took the tram tour up the mountain which included a narrated educational tour into the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains.  We got off at the last stop back down and hiked the rest of the way which was about a 2 mile hike.  In 100+ degree heat, that was not easy.  At one point we weren’t even sure we were going the right way and we just wanted so badly to get back to some A/C and cold water.  Well obviously we made it back and didn’t melt in the desert.

Below are some pictures from Sabino Canyon.














Earning another Junior Ranger badge…


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4 thoughts on “Sabino Canyon

  1. Tracie Morgan

    Hi Gebbia Family, it’s Mike and Tracie Morgan from Peoria; your neighbors in Tombstone at the RV park. Glad to hear you enjoyed Tucson, but yes, it is extremely HOT. I am so excited to follow you and read about your travels.


    • Hi Mike & Tracie! It’s good to hear from you. Yeah, it’s too hot in southern AZ right now, so we’re on our way to San Diego. Supposed to be much cooler there. Thanks for following along — I hope to hear that you will be full-timing in 2 years. 🙂


  2. Santa

    What an experience for all of you. Keep the blog coming


  3. Tracie Morgan

    Hi Heather, happy to hear you decided to go to San Diego after all. I believe you are now in the Los Angeles area with your sister. Enjoy! Michael retires in 2 weeks and the following we day we will travel to Show Low, Arizona to fish at the Fools Hollow Lake and Campground.


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