Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

My parents have always loved Ronald Reagan so during their visit we decided to go to Simi Valley and visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.



What a beautiful and interesting museum!  We spent hours going through all the rooms and reading all the history of our 40th president.  The outside grounds had spectacular views of surrounding Simi Valley.




This was a piece of the Berlin wall that came down during his presidency…


President Reagan’s memorial…



The self-guided tour takes you through his history from his birth…


How neat to know that his mother instilled Biblical values in him…


I remember when this assassination attempt happened.  The quote is something President Reagan said later, “Whatever happens now, I owe my life to God and will try to serve Him in every way I can.”  I pray that I will live my life in the same way.


A replica of the Oval Office…


He loved riding horses when he had some time off…


Future presidents?



We were able to tour Air Force One, but we were not allowed to take pictures of the inside.  This was really cool!



There was so much more to this museum and it was well worth the visit.  One thing that really struck me was to see the election maps when he won in 1980 and 1984.  He won most of the states in the first election and won all states but one in the second.  It looked like our country was much more united back then.  In the last few elections, I have been saddened to see how divided our country has become.  Oh how I wish that we could have another president like Ronald Reagan, a man who loved God, America and freedom.

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One thought on “Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

  1. Derrick

    Are you still in Acton? We are heading out next year to start our adventure and would love to come say hi. I have my wife and 2 daughters 11,13. We live in Santa Clarita about 20 minutes away.


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