Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

We stayed at two cute little towns in Arizona along Historic Route 66: Williams and Winslow.

Williams is a great place to stay if you are visiting the Grand Canyon.  There is a train that goes from Williams to Grand Canyon each day that looks really fun but we didn’t do it.  It’s quite pricey and you only get to stay at the canyon for about 3 hours before you have to board the train to return to Williams.  We only had one day to spend at the Grand Canyon and we wanted more than 3 hours there, so we opted to drive.  We ended up staying at the Grand Canyon for about 9 hours that day so I was really glad we decided not to splurge on the train.  And even 9 hours was not long enough, there is so much to see in Grand Canyon, but that is for another post.

We stayed at the Railside RV Resort in Williams.  The sites were really close together which I did not like very much, but the people who own or run the place are so nice and hospitable.  They have free breakfast every morning and a shuttle that will take you down to the historic district to visit all the fun Route 66 stuff.  We took advantage of the free shuttle and did some sightseeing.

The train station was really cool.




I love this sign!  Freedom is definitely not free and I am so very grateful to our military and their families for their sacrifices.  There is so much freedom in this traveling lifestyle that we are living, and I never want to take it for granted.




I thought this sign was funny.  We didn’t eat there, but I liked the sign.


We did eat here, at Cruisers Route 66 Cafe.


The guy singing was right by our table and he asked the boys to come up and play some instruments while he sang “My Brown-Eyed Girl”.  I love that song!


Jesse really enjoyed his ice cream.


After leaving Williams we went to stay at Homolovi State Park in Winslow.  This campsite was amazing!  We realized we really need to stay at state parks more often.  We had so much space all to ourselves.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.


The skies and sunsets in the evening were spectacular!  All of this was right outside of our door!  I think I could have stayed here for a month.





Even Fat Cat loved this place!  She sat outside all the time watching for rabbits and squirrels and any other little critter she could find.  Thankfully she didn’t find any snakes!  One day there was a rabbit as big as her that she was stalking, but I think she realized it was too big for her to tangle with.


Chris and the boys enjoyed a water balloon fight one day.  Look at Chris!  He is a still a kid at heart.


Homolovi State Park is home to the ruins of the Hopi Indians that lived here a few hundred years ago.  We toured the ruins and found lots of broken pottery that is preserved there.



Of course we had to be Standin’ on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona; it’s such a fine sight to see!  I love the Eagles music and I was so excited to be able to get our picture right here.  “It’s a girl my Lord in a flat-bed Ford slowin down to take a look at me.”  Well, she wasn’t exactly looking at me, Chris maybe, but I digress.



A few more random pictures from Route 66 that we found on our way to Petrified Forest National Park.


If you read my post about Santa Monica, you’ll see that we found the end of Route 66 there.  I would love to travel more of the “Mother Road” on our way back east but we haven’t quite decide yet which way we’re going.  We are heading to a Fulltime Families rally in Branson, Missouri so it’s possible we’ll be heading down more of this famous road.



I would love to stay in one of these!  They are so cute!


Next up, Grand Canyon!  Since 9 hours at the canyon wasn’t long enough we ended up going back and got to actually stay in the only full hookup RV park within Grand Canyon for 5 days.  That was awesome!  Stay tuned for that post.  First I have to sort through over 400 pictures I took.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

  1. DeniseMcKay

    Great blog, love to see the pictures.


  2. We stayed in that same state park while visiting Winslow. It was pretty, peacefull place.

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  3. John Rothwell

    Really enjoy the blog. This is something the boys Will always remember. Santa


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