Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway is 444 miles long and runs through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.  There are many historical places of interest and scenic viewpoints along the Trace which is part of the National Park System.  We only visited a small portion of it in Tennessee, but now it’s on the list to go back and see more of it at a later date.

One of the historical places we visited was the Meriwether Lewis Monument, the site of his death and burial.  We just finished reading about the Lewis and Clark expedition so it was perfect timing to visit this site.  In the book we read that there were mysterious circumstances surrounding his death.  It was believed by many that he killed himself, but that was never certain and to this day it remains a mystery.


How cool to see American history come to life!  I love history and love visiting sites like this where we can learn in even more detail about people and events from our nation’s past.




We hiked to some waterfalls and drove to some other scenic viewpoints along the Natchez Trace.






Driving a 2 mile section of the Old Trace.


The leaves were just starting to change colors.  I imagine in another few weeks the fall colors will be amazing.



We stayed at Thousand Trails Natchez Trace right next to our friends, the Grahams.  For two weeks we spent every evening having game nights with them.  Actually, I should say every evening except for the one night that poor Katie decided to break her foot and then needed to go to the hospital.

We celebrated Jake’s 11th birthday while we were there.  Notice the 9 on his cake?  No, we didn’t forget how old he is.  When you live in an RV you make do with what you have and that was the only candle in the house.  One week later when we celebrated Keith’s birthday, he got to be 9 too.  🙂


Jesse looks the most excited about Jake’s present.


The fall colors were already showing at our campground.


Tennessee is beautiful at this time of the year!


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One thought on “Natchez Trace Parkway

  1. Denise

    Love following your journey, how funny …9 on the cake. Did you have 8 for Jesse? Even though he’s 9?


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