We’re Still in Florida

Since my last post we have been very busy hanging out in Florida.  There’s no sense leaving the state until it warms up in other states, right?

We spent a couple of weeks at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness, and my parents came to visit for part of our stay.  Those of you that know us well, know that we are Disney fanatics and when we lived in FL that is where most of our vacations were spent.  So anytime we’re back in FL you can be sure part of that time will be spent at our favorite place.



My mom sure does look young, doesn’t she?  And she rides all the roller coasters too!  I’m so thankful to have such cool parents. 🙂



Next we attended our 3rd Fulltime Families (FtF) rally at Lazydays in Tampa.  If you remember that is where our adventures started last year.  It was like a “nomadiversary” celebration being back at Lazydays.

At the rally last year, the boys started a new scouting program called FtF Explorers.  At this year’s rally they finished up the required activities to advance to the next level.  Here is a picture of the ceremony for the kids that graduated from Stargazer to Pioneer.


One of the Explorer badges they earned was the Fire Safety badge by planning and executing a fire drill in our house.  Here is a picture of them learning how to use one of the fire escape windows.


The rally was super fun and super busy with several activities like a Valentine’s dance, an adult Hungry, Hungry Hippo game and a field trip to Legoland.

This is Chris playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos.  This was hilarious!  I played it too with Chris pushing me around on the floor, but I don’t have any pictures of that unfortunately.  I must figure out how to get in more pictures!



We enjoyed a beautiful day at Legoland with more than 300 other fulltime RV’ing families.





I must admit that after several weeks of visits with family and friends in addition to Disney trips and a rally, we were quite exhausted.  Chris & I are introverts.  And that doesn’t mean we don’t like to be around people, we most definitely enjoy all of this social activity!  But what it does mean is that we need some mix of downtime in between to recharge.  Well, we didn’t have much of that since probably sometime in December so you can imagine that after leaving the rally we were pretty worn out.  It was time for a few days at a peaceful and quiet campground.  Eastbank Campground on Lake Seminole on the FL/GA border was just perfect for a chance to relax and recharge.



Our campsite was huge and had a fantastic view of the lake and we enjoyed gorgeous sunsets and campfires every evening.  We even enjoyed a lovely visit from my sister and brother-in-law.  It was very nice to relax and unwind with them as they also have been very busy and needed some downtime.  I loved watching my brother-in-law Chris enjoy the scenery with his ever-present camera.





Next up?  More Florida travels…


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2 thoughts on “We’re Still in Florida

  1. Denise

    Love these pictures, miss you!


  2. Kirsten

    Awesome pics!!! Yes! Quite a hectic schedule for a while…I can totally relate to needing that down time to recharge!! Have fun this next year.


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