Cagle Recreation Area

We spent two weeks at Cagle Recreation Area in the Sam Houston National Forest north of Houston, TX.

This campsite ranks up there with my favorites.  We had lots of space to spread out, and the view of Lake Conroe right from the site was beautiful, especially the sunsets!




Judy & Kylie visited us on the weekends while we were there and we always have so much fun with them.



The kids set up what they called the “Museum of Bones” on the log by the lake.  They found lots of animal skeletons and set them all up on this log and wrote signs to indicate what kind of animal it was.  Anytime someone walked down the pathway they had to stop and check out the museum. The kids also set up a tip jar. 🙂  Their creativity amazes me!


There are many hiking trails there and the weather was beautiful so of course we went for a nice walk through the woods.


The kids were collecting pine cones for our campfire.


We met some awesome friends last year while we were in Texas at Canyon Lake.  Neil & Beth and their kids Gabe & Marlie came to visit us here on Easter weekend and it was wonderful to see them again!  I just wish they had more time to stay and camp for the whole weekend.



Jesse had fun playing ball with Gabe,


and playing in the sand with Marlie.


Time for s’mores!


Chris is the master chef cooking up awesome meals in his outdoor kitchen whenever we have guests.


Another great visit was from the Lundy family.  About 2 years ago when I first got the crazy idea in my head to sell everything we own and hit the road in an RV, I wanted to know if there were other families doing this.  So what do inquiring minds do?  Google it of course!  The very first blog I found of a family living and traveling in their RV was the Lundy 5.  I started following their blog at that time and I was so excited to hear that they were staying nearby and they came over for dinner one night.  We really enjoyed getting to know them and their amazing kids!


Most of our time here was spent doing fun things at the campground with the kids.  We set up an Easter egg hunt for them on Easter weekend.



And the next weekend Chris surprised the kids from the roof of the RV by throwing water balloons and buckets of water on them.  He is such a big kid himself!



Fat Cat loved this place!  She had lots of room to roam around and lot of rabbits, birds and squirrels to watch.



Fat Cat doing what she does best — being lazy and showing off her big belly!


But she’s a pretty kitty.  (Photo by Kylie. She takes great pictures!)


This campground was awesome and I would definitely return again someday.  Here are some more random pictures of Kylie and the boys.


FB_IMG_1459882645911   4350


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  1. De'Etta

    I LOVE the museum of dead bones!


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