Amarillo Texas

Our last stop in Texas was in Amarillo, and we really enjoyed our time there.  There are several free things to do close to the RV park we stayed at.

Cadillac Ranch is free and you can’t go to Amarillo and not go see that iconic roadside attraction.  We bought a couple of cans of spray paint and went to leave our mark.



The RV Museum is free and super cool!  Well, that is if you like RVs which of course we do.  But my biggest reason for wanting to go there was to see the Gornicke bus from the RV movie, which just so happens to be my favorite movie.  It was so neat to see this bus in person and get to go inside it.






Another free thing we did was visit the Don Harrington Discover Center.  It was free because it is included in our zoo/science center reciprocal membership.

They currently have the Grossology exhibit on display which was a big hit with the boys. 🙂





We also visited Palo Duro Canyon which was awesome.  Not free, but only $5 per person over 12.  That needs its own blog post so please click the link if you are interested in reading about that visit.

We stayed at the Fort Amarillo RV Resort which was really nice.  We usually prefer state parks and national recreation areas better than RV parks because typically you have a lot more room at your site and more privacy, not to mention they’re cheaper.  RV parks usually pack RVs in so close to each other that you barely have room to breathe.  But there were no state parks in the Amarillo area other than Palo Duro Canyon and there was no cell phone coverage there so an RV park was the only option.

I’m glad we chose this park because it was very nice and had a reasonable weekly rate.  The people that work there are also super nice!  They have an indoor pool, a nice playground and a fun game room which happens to be underground and serves as a storm shelter.  I guess if you have to spend the night in a storm shelter the game room is not a bad place to be.  I thought we were going to need to go there the first night we were there.  It was so windy that night, the RV was rocking like crazy!  I kept getting lightning and tornado alerts on my phone, yet Chris was sleeping through the whole thing!  How he does that, I don’t know.  I finally woke him up to ask if he thinks we should head to the storm shelter.  He didn’t so we didn’t, and shortly after that the storm quieted down and we were all able to get some sleep.

Anyway, the RV park is really cute.  There was a really cute duck pond where Jesse liked feeding the ducks.


And at the front of the park is this set of cute, old fashioned shops.



Did I mention that Amarillo is windy?  This town reminded me of Kansas.  It was very flat and windy.  No wonder we saw so many wind turbines as we got close to this area.


Fat Cat liked climbing on the fence next to our site.  There wasn’t much of a yard for her so I think she’s ready to get back to another state park where she has more room.  I can’t say I blame her.


We really enjoyed our time in Amarillo in spite of the wind.  Bye bye for now Texas, we have places to go and things to see!

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3 thoughts on “Amarillo Texas

  1. John Rothwell

    Another great post. Have fun, Santa


  2. Amy Moreno

    How did you get the membership you mentioned? I love doing stuff like this but money doesn’t always make these activities an option. Thanks!


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