Navajo State Park

Navajo State Park is located in southwest Colorado, just across from New Mexico on Navajo Lake.  This was the perfect place to rest up after a busy couple of weeks in New Mexico and to prepare for another couple of busy weeks visiting national parks in Utah.

This state park is about 45 minutes from Durango and Pagosa Springs, and you know what?  We didn’t go to either one.  That’s what happens when you’re a full-time RV’er.  Sometimes you realize you just need some downtime and you can’t see and do it all. We’re not on vacation, this is our life.  And sometimes in life you need time to get caught up on work, school, household chores, and time to just chill out.  That’s what we did at Navajo State Park.  Not a bad place to just unwind and rest for a week.


Chris is walking the cat. 🙂




The day we arrived in Colorado it was very cold.  It was snowing during parts of our drive that day, but by the time we got to our campground it was only raining.  It was the first time in all of our travels that we had to set up our home in the rain.  And it was freezing!  By the next day the sun came out and the rest of the week was just beautiful.

Jake and I went hiking on the nature trails that we could access just behind our campsite.



He is getting a lot of use out of his camera he got for Christmas.


We had a nice backyard for the week to enjoy.


Jesse was playing badminton by himself!



Fat Cat settled into a shipping box and asked to be shipped back to Florida. 🙂  Just kidding, I really think she loves these new places to explore (including boxes)!


Chris took both boys to play golf.  Now they can’t wait to see Grampa again and play golf with him.








Next up we plan to visit some of the fabulous national parks in Utah.  Be prepared for lots of blog posts.  I imagine I will be taking LOTS of pictures!


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  1. Denise

    Beautiful place!


  2. Very thoughtfull blog

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