Colorado Springs

After the Fulltime Families rally we headed to Colorado Springs.  We spent about 10 days there which included the 4th of July.  We stayed at Cheyenne Mountain State Park which was beautiful!  The park sits up high on a hill above Colorado Springs so we had a spectacular view of the city below.  In the evening the city lights were so pretty.  The Ft. Carson Army base was just below the state park and they set off fireworks on July 3rd.  We had great seats for that show with no crowds or traffic, and once the fireworks ended we were already home.  That’s my kind of fireworks show!


Waiting for the fireworks to start.


Fat Cat loved this site too.  She loved stalking rabbits outside but she didn’t catch any.  I guess they were too big compared to the chipmunks she liked catching at Ridgway.


Now THAT is a lazy, fat cat!


I rode the bike path once while we were there.  That was enough for me!  I don’t think I’m cut out for mountain biking.  Going uphill is so hard, and coming down is scary.  Some pathways were so narrow the bushes were rubbing up against me and it freaked me out wondering what critters could be hiding in those bushes.  And every time I came around a corner I was afraid I would run into a bear!  I used to come upon alligators on my bike rides in Florida, but now I’m in bear country and they scare me more than alligators.  I’m thinking I would be better off sticking to relatively flat and wide open trails.  Still, it was a pretty ride and when I wasn’t so out of breath going uphill or out of control going downhill, I stopped to take some pictures. 🙂




Thankfully the only wildlife I encountered were several prairie dogs that I couldn’t get pictures of because they’re so bashful, and this cute rabbit that didn’t mind my presence at all.


While we were in Colorado Springs I took the kids to Focus on the Family.  This is a ministry that provides Christian support and advice on marriage and parenting.  They have an amazing kids play area including a 3-story slide that the boys loved!


The boys also loved the area where they could put on performances like a puppet show…


…and dress up as characters from Adventures in Odyssey and perform on stage.


We also visited Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak,  but I will save those for separate posts so this post does not get too long.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I totally hear you about mountain biking. You were able to get some beautiful pictures on your ride though!

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