Third Nomadiversary

Three years ago today we moved into our home on wheels and began the adventure of a lifetime, exploring this beautiful country. I can’t believe it has been that long already! I thank God every day for this lifestyle and time with my family.

We have now visited 29 states and 2 Canadian provinces, but I’m afraid I have lost count of how many national parks we have been to. My talented brother-in-law put together this recap video of our 3rd year on the road. I hope you enjoy it!

I love the lyrics to the song in this video: If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback… what would you do if today was your last day? You may not sell everything you own to travel the country in an RV (I know it’s not for everyone), but what is something you have always wanted to do, something you say you’ll do “someday”? Please allow me to encourage you to do it today, don’t wait.

Each year I like to get a picture of the boys pointing to our sticker map of states visited. As I look back over the pictures from each Nomadiversary, I see that our sticker map has filled in quite a bit, but what I notice even more is how much older Jake and Jesse look. Time, please slow down!


I tried something new this year — a color-coded map of our travels from the first 3 years.


Green = 2015; Red = 2016; Blue = 2017

It looks like we’re missing a bunch of states in the upper right-hand corner. As much as we love the west, we decided it’s time to explore the northeast. So stay tuned for year 4 of our adventures as we explore the east coast states and eastern Canada.

If you feel like watching our first two Nomadiversary videos you can find them here: One Year Nomadiversary and Second Nomadiversary.

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18 thoughts on “Third Nomadiversary

  1. Kirsten

    I absolutely LOVE living vicariously through your travel adventures! SO thankful for our friendship. Wish we could spend more time together. Know we are praying for you and look forward to the next time we get to see your smiling faces!!

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  2. I LOVED the nomadiversary video!! Perfect song! I’ve followed along on your journey last year, so it was fun to see all the cool places you visited at one go. Girl, you guys have traveled!! And the memories you are creating with your family is so special. I wish that time will slow down so our kids don’t grow up so fast. Look forward to your east coast explorations.

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    • I know you feel the same way about how quickly our kids are growing up. I hope you and your family make time for more travel adventures this year. Thank you for the kind words! 😊

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  3. Kelly McCauley

    Three Years!!! The boys are getting so big. I love reading your posts about all the exciting places you’ve gone. You are truly inspirational!

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  4. I’m a FB friend of your sister… originally from WV and now settled outside of DC. Near my hometown in WV is Pipestem State Park – it’s beautiful. And I’m glad you’re planning on the northeast – there are so many FREE activities, parks, museums, and things to see in the D.C. area. I hope you spend some time there!

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  5. Jackie

    Love the map! It’s really impressive!
    I’m so looking forward to the Northeast trek! Have you started writing a book about it?

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  6. Elizabeth Thornley

    Yall’s map is really filling up!!! How exciting!!! I love the North East!!! Year 4 will be great!!!

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  7. Happy three years!!! The color-coded map is really fun, was it hard to do?

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  8. Congratulations! I’m hoping we can keep up this lifestyle- work has to agree! But, we did enjoy our New England time sooo much. It was absolutely, beautiful, historical and charming. Have a wonderful year. Best, Jessica

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