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Boondocking at the City of Rocks

Well we finally did it! We bought a generator and tried boondocking for the first time. Boondocking or dry camping is camping with no hookups, meaning no electricity, no water and no sewer. We have done no sewer many times, and even went without water a couple of times where we just had to fill our water tank before we got to the campsite, but this was the first time camping without electric. We quickly learned what we could and could not do with the generator. For instance, we learned we can’t use the A/C at all, and we can use the microwave oven briefly (like maybe 30 seconds). The coffee maker works, but you can hear the strain on the generator. Most campgrounds don’t want you running a generator all night, and we wouldn’t really want to run it that long anyway, so the nights are very dark and quiet.

All in all our first attempt at boondocking went very well. We had beautiful weather, and we couldn’t have picked a better place to try this out.


Campsite among the rocks.

One of the benefits of boondocking is being able to camp in some pretty amazing spots out in the middle of nowhere.

City of Rocks State Park is in Faywood, New Mexico. We stayed at this park a couple of years ago in an electric and water hookup site, but these sites tucked in among the rocks are so much better! At night the skies were so dark we were able to see so many stars!

We had an interesting experience when we first pulled up to our site. A minivan was already parked there. I figured someone just stopped for a few minutes to take pictures or something so I got out of the truck to let them know we needed to pull into that site. The guy that was already there barely spoke English so I had a hard time communicating with him, but he basically said he was staying in that site and we were welcome to join him if we wanted to. Okay, that’s never happened before. This site was a reservation only site and I knew we had reserved it and there weren’t really that many sites in the park that we could fit in with our big rig. So I called the Visitor Center where I had just checked in and let the ranger know about this awkward situation. She sent some park rangers out to deal with it. They let us know that the guy just didn’t understand he couldn’t take reserved sites, so he went to find another one. Still, it made us feel really uncomfortable because it was like we had him kicked out of that spot, but what else were we supposed to do? He was only in a minivan and could basically fit in any site, and we didn’t really have any other options.

After that uncomfortable start, it took us FOREVER to get leveled in this site because it was on a slope. Finally we got set up and learned how to use the generator. Then we had a nice surprise! Our good friends from Ditching Suburbia just happened to be passing through this area on their way back to Texas and stopped in to spend the night with us.


Hanging out with Mike & Crissa Boyink of Ditching Suburbia

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets and wide open spaces at this campground.




Our campsite had a cute little nook tucked in the rocks with a picnic table and fire pit.



Fat Cat liked climbing on the rocks.



This park has a whole bunch of rocks to climb on, it’s like a playground of rocks!











Our campsite is way back there in a cluster of rocks

City of Rocks was such a fun place to try out our first time dry camping. Now I guess we’ll have to get more adventurous and seek out some free BLM lands to camp on.

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Corona Arch and a Rattlesnake Encounter

Moab Utah has so many fun things to do that it is definitely one of those places we plan to return to one day.  Besides visiting Arches and Canyonlands, and river rafting on the Colorado River, we also heard about a really awesome hike to Corona Arch.  When I mentioned to Chris that I wanted to hike to this arch he said only if they would be serving Coronas once we got there. 😉 This hike is about 10 miles from Arches National Park.  We met up with another Fulltime Family that joined us on this hike which made it even more fun!





Meet the Muller family.  4/5 of them anyway.  Fin must have been running off ahead with our boys at this time.  We loved hanging out with this family for the evening and hope to meet up with them again someday down the road.


There’s Fin!




What a beautiful arch!



Beautiful views looking back from the arch!



I thought this train track looked really cool coming through the rock.  I wish we would have seen a train come through while we were there.


While we were in Moab we stayed at the OK RV Park.  The sites at our campground were so close together!  This is why we prefer to stay at state parks whenever possible.  But while visiting Moab the choices are pretty much limited to RV parks with really tight sites like these (or boondocking).


The views were pretty though.


Speaking of boondocking, after the hike to Corona Arch the Muller family invited us to their campsite for dinner.  They were boondocking at a really awesome spot.  Boondocking (also known as dry camping) means they were camping at a spot with no water or electric hookups.  We haven’t done that yet mainly because we don’t have a generator.  I’m hoping we can get a generator sometime soon because from what I’ve seen you can stay in some really out of the way spots with amazing views.  The picture below was taken from their campsite.


Wide open spaces in the wilderness like this would be nice, but I should mention there is a much higher chance of encountering wildlife like the rattlesnake the boys came across that night.  The snake was right near Jake’s foot but thankfully only rattled to warn them to get away which they did.  They came running and screaming back to the campsite.  I thank God for watching over and protecting the boys that night!

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of it.  Chris went to look at it and since it was getting dark he needed a flashlight to see it.  He called me over to check it out, which I did.  It blended in really well with the sand.  I’m surprised Jake didn’t step on it.  Again, I thank God for protecting them!

Anyway, that about wraps up my posts from Utah.  Two weeks, three national parks and lots of fun!  Now on to some more adventures in Colorado.  Cheers!

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