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The Adventures of Fat Cat

It has come to my attention that I have not included little miss Fat Cat in the blog posts lately, so here is an update on what the princess of the trailer has been doing.

Little Miss Kitty (aka Fat Cat) has been enjoying RV life.  She loves seeing different kinds of animals outside of our camper at the different locations we’ve been.  She has chased birds, ducks, rabbits and deer (yes even the deer run away from her because she’s such a scary monster).  If only those other animals knew she really isn’t all that scary, rather she is quite the scaredy cat.  Usually she is on a leash outside, but sometimes she gets out without the leash and hides outside under the camper.  If she gets left outside accidentally, she is begging at the door to get back inside.

Here she is looking for birds.


She found a goose feather.



Usually she just rolls around on the ground getting as dirty as she can.



I get up early in the morning so I can get some work done, and she’s so sweet at that time of the day and lays right next to me while I work.


Most of the day you can find her very busy lounging on the bed with the fan keeping her cool.


And when the kids build a fort out of blankets in their room, she likes to hide under the blankets.  She thinks we don’t know she’s under there.


Sometimes she goes for a walk with Jake but not very often.  She’s not crazy about that because you know she wants to maintain her full figure, and she never wants to be too far away from her food.


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