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A Drive Down the Turquoise Trail

We drove along the scenic Turquoise Trail between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  There are a few cute towns with shops and places worth stopping for a visit.

Our first stop was in the town of Cerrillos.  There wasn’t much going on in this town, but we did find a gift shop with a petting zoo that the boys loved.


Jesse really didn’t like the animals slobbering on his hands.


Jake didn’t mind.




Then we stopped in the town of Madrid which had a lot more going on.  This town was a little crowded and it was harder to find a parking spot for the big truck.

There was a cute little spot called Connie’s Photo Park where we took lots of these types of pictures.








There were lots of cute gift shops like this one.


And we stopped at Jezebel’s old fashioned Soda Fountain for some milk shakes.  Yummy!


We continued down the trail to the drive up to Sandia Crest.  Tinkertown was a cute museum that we stopped at along the way.  This is a collector’s paradise.





I think that Mark Twain might have liked our traveling lifestyle based on this quote.



We made it up to Sandia Crest which is more than 10,000 feet above sea level.  It was freezing cold up there so we didn’t stay long.  We were all wearing shorts because it was in the 70’s down in Albuquerque, but in the 40’s up on this mountain.



The most exciting part of the day for the kids was finding snow up on the mountain.  They only wished they had worn warmer clothes and shoes so they could have played in it longer.




And the least exciting part of the day was a flat tire on the truck.  My goodness it seems we have been keeping the tire companies in business lately!  And Chris has become quite the expert at changing tires.


At the end of the trail we got to Albuquerque where we rode on the portion of historic Route 66 called the Musical Highway.  For about 1 mile you can hear the song America the Beautiful playing as you drive along the road.  I really didn’t believe we would hear anything, but we did and we could hear it very clearly.  It was so cool!

We had planned to visit Old Town Albuquerque but the flat tire put a wrench in those plans.  Once we were fixed up and back on the road we were all ready to find some dinner and then head home for the night.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a very interesting and cultural town.  I loved the look of all the little adobe houses and buildings.


We parked at the visitor center that had plenty of space for a big truck.  Then we walked around and looked at some of the interesting sights.  First we saw the oldest church building in the USA.



Then we visited the Loretto Chapel with the Miraculous Stairway.


0423161207b 0423161221


The story behind this staircase is that the when the chapel was built in 1873, no access had been provided to the choir loft 20 feet above the chapel floor.  The Sisters used the chapel daily for Mass but were unable to use the choir loft.  Legend has it that the Sisters asked local carpenters to build a staircase, but none of them had the skill to build a circular staircase, and the chapel is too small for a standard staircase.  So the Sisters prayed for 9 days straight to St. Joseph.  On the 9th day a gray haired, bearded carpenter with a donkey came to the chapel and built the staircase. The reason they call it miraculous is because it was constructed without the use of nails or a center support.  The railing was added later in 1887.  The carpenter who built the staircase needed total privacy and locked himself in the chapel for 3 months.  When he was finished he was gone, so nobody knows his identity.  But the staircase is truly a work of art.

0423161213b 0423161219

We took a break for lunch and had the best pizza at Upper Crust Pizza on the Old Santa Fe Trail. Yum!!

Next we visited the beautiful Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.


0423161329a 0423161338_HDR

Then we walked down Canyon Road where there are several art galleries.





Santa Fe is beautiful and I’m glad we had the chance to visit it.  We usually steer clear of cities due to difficulty finding places to park a big truck and we are not exactly fans of large crowds.  Crowds and traffic come with big cities so we usually avoid them, but this was a fun city to visit and on a Saturday it wasn’t that crowded at all.

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