A Tour of our RV

Many people have asked me to post some pictures of our new home, so here you go.  The first one of course is us in front of the new rig and truck:


Some people have asked if we have a bathroom.  Yes we do, two of them in fact.  Here are a couple of pictures of the main bathroom with shower:



And this is a picture of the boys’ little bathroom:


Here are some pictures of our bedroom.  The bed is a king size and so comfortable.  But if I had to do it again, I would have gone with the queen size bed.  This bed takes up the whole room!  It’s very hard to make the bed since it’s hard to walk around both sides, so I usually don’t make it.  Only for the pictures. 🙂




These next pictures are of the boys’ room. The first one is Jesse’s bed with dresser drawers and closets underneath.


This is the back of the room with the tv and some cabinets for toys and books and dvd’s.


The other side of the room is Jake’s bed with a sofa underneath. The sofa makes a bed so Gramma and Grampa can come and visit! 🙂


Another picture of their room facing the other direction with Fat Cat up on Jesse’s bed. Their little bathroom is behind the door.


And I love this USA floor rug where they like to play with their cars and go to all the states we’ll be visiting.


The next few pictures are of the kitchen and living area.






And this last picture is the outdoor kitchen which Chris loves!  He loves to grill out there while he’s watching sports on the outdoor tv.


I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home!  As you can see, we’re not exactly roughing it.  No, it’s not as big as our house, but it’s pretty nice as far as RVs go.

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5 thoughts on “A Tour of our RV

  1. T&D McKay

    Very nice, we are looking forward to visiting….

    Sent from my iPad



  2. So so so cool. 🙂 I like seeing some of the Christmas presents from this year in use. So fun. Except you said Gramma and Grandpa can sleep there. What about Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Chris?


  3. Inga Housley

    Heather, it looks awesome! I don’t think I have ever seen one quite this nice. And think how much time you will save cleaning ;o). Do you guys have a itinerary all mapped out or just a rough plan? Sure hope to see you out here! Btw. I use this stuff called museum putty to keep my things from sliding on the airplane I fly on. It is awesome and pulls right off the counter when done. It comes in clear and white. White is less flammable. Thought it might be a good idea for you :o).

    Safe travels!! I enjoy reading your blog.


    • Hi Inga, yes it does take so much less time to clean than my house which is so nice!! We don’t have much of an itinerary, just a general idea. We’ll start heading west in March probably. Visit a lot of places along the way and hope to spend the summer on the west coast. I hope we can see you while we’re out there! And I will have to look for museum putty, that sounds like a great idea! Thanks!


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