Poche’s Fish-n-Camp and Crawfish

We enjoyed a short, 3 day stay at Poche’s Fish-n-Camp RV Park in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. This place was so peaceful and beautiful, I wish we could have stayed longer. It was a great place to relax and unwind after a few busy weeks. We enjoyed some fishing:







Yes, they’re still in their pajamas in that picture above.  The fish seemed to be more active first thing in the morning.

We also enjoyed feeding the ducks:




We tried crawfish for the first time.  Well, I should say that we all tried it except Chris. He wouldn’t try it!  Jesse tried it but didn’t like it, so it was up to Jake and me to finish off the whole pot.  Jake loved it and wants to get it again soon. I liked it pretty much but not quite as much as Jake. We met a really nice couple that gave us a lesson on how to eat them.



And below are some pictures of why I love this life!  Getting outside and playing together as a family is a much more regular activity than it ever used to be.




Time spent together as a family is time always well spent!  Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Poche’s Fish-n-Camp and Crawfish

  1. Katie G

    So glad y’all enjoyed it there! We’re looking forward to returning there again on our way to/from Florida next season. Love ya & see ya down the road! xoxo


    • We loved it Katie!! I’m so glad you recommended it! I definitely want to go back there again someday. Maybe we can go there together next year. 🙂


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