Traveling around Texas

We are spending several weeks in Texas, and so far we are having a great time!  Our first stop was Thousand Trails Lake Conroe which is north of Houston.  My very dear friend Judy who I knew when I lived in Charlotte, NC now lives in The Woodlands, TX which is just about 20 minutes from the campground.  We got to spent a lot of time with her and her little girl Kylie.  Jake and Jesse used to love when Judy and Kylie would visit us in Florida, but since they moved to Texas 3 years ago we haven’t seen them.  So it was really fun to get to spend some time catching up with them.  They stayed with us for Easter weekend in Lake Conroe.  The campground had visits with the Easter Bunny and an Easter egg hunt on Saturday that was really fun for the kids:




The campground also had a really nice pool, playground and mini golf area:




Judy and me… it’s funny how years can go by without us seeing each other, but once we get together it’s like no time has passed:


We also got to visit with my uncle John and his wife Patty while we were in Lake Conroe.  I usually only see them at weddings and funerals so this was a very nice treat!  🙂




Next we moved onto Thousand Trails Colorado River in Columbus, TX.  Our campsite backed right up to the river which at the beginning of the week was mostly dry.  I wasn’t all that impressed until we got some rain and suddenly it’s a real river again!


One thing we loved about this site is all of the deer!  There are so many of them and it was an everyday occurrence to see several of them eating in our yard.  It might have something to do with all the deer feed corn that Chris and the boys scattered all over. 🙂





The kids also enjoyed the playground here:




A few weeks ago when we were in Mississippi, I mentioned how nice it was to meet the Newschool Nomads; well once we pulled into this campground I was so excited to see the rig of another Fulltime Family that I had been following since last year on their blog.  The Ticknor Tribe is a family that travels with 8 kids, but before some of them grew up they traveled with all 12 of them I think.  Anyway, since I started following their blog last year I have been amazed at the things they do.  One thing they do that I think is so awesome is they work with Samaritan’s Purse to help with re-building efforts after hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.  I’ve always thought it was so neat that by traveling they had the flexibility to go where they were needed when they were needed.  If we are still traveling when our boys are old enough, I would really like to get involved with something like that.  I had the privilege of talking to Dana Ticknor at the pool one day; I’m very thankful that they happened to be here at the same time as us so I could meet her.

In case you’re wondering why we stay at so many Thousand Trails campgrounds, it’s because we bought a zone pass at the beginning of the year to save on camping fees.  Thousand Trails (TT) is a camping membership where we buy a pass that is good for one year and we can go to any of the TT parks in the zone we purchased and stay the first 30 nights free, and each night after that is only $3.  Utilities are included too!  This makes camping really cheap.  I was able to buy one zone and got two free, so we can go to any TT park in the Southeast, Southwest and Northwest zones.  I chose those zones because those are the locations we plan to visit within the next 2 years.  We don’t always stay at TT parks, but when there is one in the area where we are traveling we try to stay there to cut down on camping fees.

One thing that I am really enjoying about this lifestyle is the constant change of scenery.  It is really neat to go from one area/campground that has lots of activities and things to do to another that is more secluded and closer to nature.  TT Lake Conroe is a very big park with lots of amenities and fun things to do, while TT Colorado River is really out in the sticks with lots of wildlife and pecan trees.  I enjoyed our stay at each of them.  It’s fun to have all those activities to do, but sometimes it’s nice to just have some down time and enjoy nature.

The sale of our house was finally closed this week!  It seemed to take a really long time for that to happen.  I don’t know if all mortgage lenders are the same but from my experience they just can’t seem to get their jobs done on time.  When Chris & I bought that house 12 years ago, Chris had to literally go sit in the lender’s office the day before our scheduled closing to make sure she got her job done.  We still almost didn’t close on time; it had to be pushed back by a few hours.  Well it happened again with the sale of our house.  The buyer’s lender couldn’t make the closing date either, which was only made more complicated by both us and the buyers closing from out-of-town.  I guess there’s a lot to be said for buying a house with cash and bypassing the lender altogether!  Anyway, after a few delays and mishaps (like our closing package not arriving via FedEx until after we moved onto the next campground!), it finally closed and I could not be more relieved.  It’s an odd feeling knowing that our house is now sold.  I wasn’t as sad as I was when we left our house for the last time which I wrote about in an earlier blog post.  I guess now that we’ve moved on it didn’t feel so emotional, but it was still a weird feeling to know that we don’t own that house anymore.  We can’t go back there now even if we wanted to.  Since we started traveling and still owned the house, I always knew that if we changed our mind about doing this, we still had a house to go back to.  Not anymore.  The good thing is we’ve had enough time to adjust to this new lifestyle and we have no regrets.  I certainly won’t miss the mortgage payment!

So it’s onward and westward for us, there is so much more to see and do in Texas!

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2 thoughts on “Traveling around Texas

  1. Just love hearing about your travels…really, it is SO great! But in my e-mail I did forget to ask one question, where does one send a Christmas card this year?!?! How do you get mail?!?! Of course, now you don’t need to get that mortgage bill each month!


  2. Beverly Picariello

    Love following you. Looks like you are really adjusting. God bless


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