Yellowstone National Park

In my last post about Grand Teton National Park, I mentioned that it snowed the last day we were there. As we drove to Yellowstone the next day we noticed a lot more snow on the drive and saw that Yellowstone got even more snow than we did the day before. It’s amazing that this was June!


Driving to Yellowstone from Grand Teton


Amazing snow in June!



Okay, so I guess I went overboard on taking pictures of the snow on our drive, but it was so beautiful, and after our winter in Breckenridge I just can’t get enough of snow.

Anyway, enough about that, let’s talk about Yellowstone. This is another park that we are repeating this year because it’s just so awesome and definitely worth repeating.


Old Faithful

This time of the year it’s so nice that it stays light so late at night because we can easily go for a hike in the evenings after work. The night we went to Old Faithful we hiked the trail from there to see several other geysers.

One of my favorites is Artemesia Geyser. We saw this one erupting last time we were there, which was good timing since it doesn’t erupt as regularly as Old Faithful. We didn’t see it erupting this time, but it was still beautiful.


Artemesia Geyser

Another favorite is Morning Glory. Even though the colors in this one are beautiful, sadly the colors are the result of visitors throwing items into the geyser. That’s just not a good thing to do.


Morning Glory

The river walk was beautiful with little spots of steam coming up everywhere.


I forget what this one was called, but it started erupting just as we walked by. That was pretty cool!


Another view of Old Faithful erupting again as we finished up our hike.


I couldn’t believe how many bison we saw this time. It was weird when we were there 3 years ago with my parents, we hardly saw any bison. This time they were everywhere! Several times blocking traffic.


20190612_193926_HDR (2)

Another night we went to Grand Prismatic Spring, another one of my favorites. On the hike to the overlook we saw this aggressive bison. We know he was aggressive because we saw him chase 2 ladies that had just walked by. We stood back and waited until he was well off the path before we continued on.


Grumpy bison


Grand Prismatic Spring from the overlook


Grand Prismatic Spring up close


Hiking along the boardwalk next to Grand Prismatic Spring

A few more pictures from the Grand Prismatic area.




Another evening we went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. This area is so beautiful and the hike along the canyon offers some amazing views.


Artist Point


I see that Jake is now taller than me 😉


Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River


Lower Falls


I was disappointed to find that Uncle Tom’s trail that takes you down over 300 steps to get a closer view of Lower Falls was closed. That turned out to be a blessing though because we went around to the other side and went down a trail to see it from the other side. This is something we didn’t do last time so it was cool to see it from a different perspective.


Top of Lower Falls


Another view of the canyon

Lastly we went to see the Artist’s Paint Pots. This is something we did not get a chance to see last time.



We stayed at the Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone, MT again. We love that park and the little town of West Yellowstone is so much fun. We also got to spend some time with 2 other Fulltime Families that were there.

Now that we’ve been to Yellowstone twice, would I go there again? Most definitely! This is one of those places I could visit over and over again.

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8 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park

  1. Wow, what beautiful photos!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences! Yellowstone is a place we’ve not yet visited as a family. We hope to go this fall and have reservations however our RV is currently having some frame issues so we may have to try for another time. Where is your family currently?




    • Heather, I’m so sorry to hear you’re having frame issues! Having just gone through that last year, I really hope your frame issues are not nearly as bad and can be fixed. And I hope you can keep your reservation and make it to Yellowstone. We are in Canada right now. I haven’t seen you on Facebook lately, are you taking a break?


  2. Gloria Sellars

    I am enjoying your photos and stories of your travels. We lived in Wyoming and Colorado and visited Yellowstone a few times. Our favorite way to describe the summer in that area was that summer was on July 4th from noon to 1. After that all bets were off the weather was so quick to change and snow could come at anymto e as you experienced. Thanks for sharing !

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is hilarious, summer is on July 4th for 1 hour! 😂 It’s so true, the weather there is so unpredictable. And summer there is very short!


  3. Debra Blankenship

    Hi Heather, I started following your blog a couple of years ago after finding your Yellowstone posts in a Google search and have so enjoyed your travels ever since. I’ve never commented here before but I wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoy your posts on all of your travels. I’m a Floridian too and my family and I live in the Destin Florida area. I’m on Facebook in case you are interested. Keep the great posts coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Debra, thank you for your comments and for following along. Destin is beautiful and we have been there a couple of times. We really loved staying at Henderson Beach State Park. I’ll send you a message on Facebook.


  4. Wow, your Yellowstone pictures are so vivid and just so beautiful! I really want to see Yellowstone with a dusting of snow.

    Liked by 1 person

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