Wisconsin Dells

This was our second time visiting Wisconsin Dells. When someone told me a few years ago that this is the “water park capital of the world” I thought she was kidding. Who knew you could play at water parks year-round in Wisconsin?

The first time we went there it was for Jake’s 12th birthday and now he is 17. My how times flies!

We find it more fun to stay on property at the water park hotels when we visit, but we park the RV at a nearby campground so that Fat Cat has a place to stay. 😉 On this trip we stayed for 2 days each at Kalahari Resort and Wilderness Resort.

You actually have to be an overnight guest at Wilderness Resort to play at the waterparks, but Kalahari Resort offers day passes if you’re not staying there. I think we prefer the resorts that do not offer day passes because they are less crowded.

We tend to avoid visiting places during the most crowded times of the year, so when we came here in May the outdoor waterparks were not open yet. That didn’t matter; there was plenty to do inside.

Each resort had really fun adventure parks to keep us busy when we were tired of walking around in wet bathing suits. The adventure parks included go karts, climbing walls, ropes courses, mini golf and other fun stuff.

Walking on the ropes course above the arcade was a little scary. I kept seeing people below me and hoping I wouldn’t fall on them. Of course I couldn’t have fallen on them since I was secured with a harness, but I was still nervous the whole time anyway.

The mini golf at Wilderness had an “under the sea” theme which included aquariums. That was really cool and I especially loved these 2 cute fish that kept swimming up to the window to see me.

After a fun-filled week at the Waterpark Capital of the World, we moved on to Michigan which I will begin writing about next time.

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6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Dells

  1. Wes Hawkins

    Wes & Bonnie here, met you and your boys at McCall RV park a few years back. Had the spot right next to you. Looks like your back to having fun again. Safe travels.

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  2. Lavoyne Foster

    Hi Heather! I’m not on FB much anymore so I love reading about your adventures by email. Sorry I missed your last visit to Fernandina, hopefully I can catch up to you next time, maybe at Janet’s getting our hair done LOL. Thanks for your posts, I love living vicariously through all of your exciting experiences!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lavoyne, I miss seeing you on Facebook. I would love to see you in person at Janet’s. I’ll see her in November. Let’s try to coordinate our appointments around the same time. I miss you!!


  3. Mary Cardinal

    Please tell me it was me that told you about WI Dells. Such a strange little town with so much to do. Their bowling ally game place is fantastic fun if you haven’t visited that yet. Inlaws used to have a place on lake delton. We spent a ton of time there! Ps do not miss sundara spa. Amazing.

    How have you not been to North Dakota yet? Or am I reading your map wrong.

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    • Yes Mary, it was you who told me about the Dells several years ago. You told me I would be the coolest mom ever if I took my kids there. It’s so funny that you recognized yourself in that comment.

      You are correct that we have not been to North Dakota yet. We do plan to get there eventually though.


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