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Chiloquin, Oregon

After we left the Oregon Coast we headed inland somewhat to Chiloquin. This was a good location for visiting Crater Lake National Park. We stayed at Collier Memorial State Park which was nice and woodsy. For the first time since we left Florida we had the right kind of trees at our site to use the slack line kit we got for Christmas. The kids enjoyed this so much for the 2 weeks we were there, and made lots of friends too because all the neighbor kids wanted to come over and play on it too.


Fat Cat loved this site because there were so many chipmunks to chase!


Why does she always look so mad?

For a couple of days we had some really nice neighbors that let us borrow their inflatable kayak for the river right behind our site. Now we REALLY want to get one of these!


The campground had a nice hiking trail along the Williamson River which led to a logging museum which was part of the state park.

The walk along the river was beautiful and the water was so clear!


Williamson River



The logging museum was really interesting. You walk through several different areas from different time periods and learn the history of logging in Oregon.






The boys played in the river one day while Chris tried some fishing. The water was freezing! I’m talking ice cold, instant brain freeze the moment you put your feet in the water cold! Jake was the only one brave enough to go all the way across to the other side of the river.


Jesse jumped in and jumped right back out!


Jake yelling about how cold it is.

You can just barely see Jake out in the distance making his way very quickly back across while Chris was fishing.


One of our favorite things we did in Chiloquin was visiting the Klamath & Western Railroad. On Saturdays they offer free train rides. These are like model train railroads that you can actually ride on. The people that run this really seem to enjoy sharing their hobby with others. I was so impressed with the level of detail along the railroad, the length of the ride which was about 20 minutes long, and that they offer all of this for free! They do however take donations which they certainly deserve. The boys said they felt like we were riding through Grampa’s Christmas village train track while we were there. It was so much fun!






Of course the highlight of our time and the reason we came here was to visit Crater Lake. But that deserves a post of its own, so please stay tuned.

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Driveway Surfing in Wisconsin

One of my co-workers lives on a beautiful farm in Amery, Wisconsin.  She invited us to park on her property so we went there after Minneapolis.  I recently learned that parking at someone’s house is called “Driveway Surfing” or as another friend put it “Mooch-docking”. 🙂

Whatever it’s called I like it!  I need to find more friends that have room on their property for us to park.  This was really fun, and just look at this beautiful spot!



Jenna and Scott were such gracious hosts and we really enjoyed spending a few days with them.  We especially enjoyed evenings by the campfire!  We surprised Jesse with a birthday cake after dinner one night even though it was now past his birthday.



Jenna took us kayaking one evening.  That was so much fun and the lake was so peaceful and beautiful.



This was the first time Jake kayaked on his own and he did great!




The Amery Fall Festival was that weekend so we got to attend a small town parade and carnival.


As if the kids really needed more rides after Mall of America!



They tried to help Jenna win a goldfish with no success.


Jenna had a temporary roommate from Mexico living with her, a very sweet lady named Rebecca.  She made us a real authentic Mexican dinner one night that was so delicious!  What a treat that was!

We are so grateful to Jenna for inviting us to stay with her for a few days.  We all really enjoyed our time there!

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