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Wintering in Florida

Like many fulltime RV’ers we spent most of the winter in Florida. After spending the holidays with family in North Carolina we headed back to our hometown of Fernandina Beach, FL to stay at Ft. Clinch State Park in January. Most of the time we were there it was very cold, well by Florida standards that is. I know most northerners would question my definition of “cold”. We woke up one morning to find that the water coming into the RV from the outdoor spigot had frozen. We’ve traveled for 3 years and that has never happened. How ironic that it would happen in Florida of all places!

In spite of the cold we had a blast hanging out with friends, playing lots of games, enjoying lots of campfires and watching gorgeous sunsets.

We were so happy to be in town to attend one of our best friend’s surprise 50th birthday party!


Good friends Danny & Kim

So much fun with friends…


Game nights with Mimi


Catching up with Kym

26993198_2032848170155760_5422296236749611014_n (2)

Camping with Kelli and the rest of the Norstrem family

One night while watching the sunset we were so excited to see a couple of dolphins playing so close to the shore. Photo credit to Kelli for these beautiful sunset pictures.



After almost 4 weeks in Fernandina we headed down to another one of our favorite places: Disney’s Ft. Wilderness campground. This time my parents, sister and brother-in-law joined us for some Disney fun.



Later in February we moved on to Three Flags Thousand Trails where some good friends were staying. In the past I have shared pictures of some of the incredible campsites we have been blessed with that included lots of space and gorgeous views. Well, sometimes we end up with a site with a lovely view of the neighbor’s camper with barely any room in between.


Jake and Jesse with their good friend Gavin

The sites at that park were pretty close together, but thankfully the neighbor was really nice. She brought treats over for the kids often and even told us we could use her golf cart anytime we needed it. We didn’t take her up on that, but I have to say she was one of the nicest neighbors we have ever had. In addition we got to hang out with some other Fulltime Families which made our stay there really fun.

Even though we didn’t have a lot of space between our campers, our back yard was pretty amazing with cows coming to visit us every day.



From there we moved on to “moochdock” at a friend’s house. We met these friends on the road 3 years ago. They recently bought property in Florida with a very nice, large RV spot.


Keith and Michele’s house

We went kayaking in Silver Springs while we were staying with them. That was lots of fun until we realized we missed a turn and ended up 2 miles downstream which meant we had the strenuous job of paddling back upstream that far. I was so thankful Keith tied a rope to my kayak and helped tow Jesse and me back!


Peaceful and beautiful while we were still heading downstream.

Next we spent a quiet weekend at a beautiful state park on the Suwannee River.


Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park

Lastly we attended our 6th Fulltime Families rally in Madison, FL at one of our favorite Jellystone Parks. We used to go on weekend camping trips to this Jellystone years ago before we started traveling fulltime. They have a really awesome water slide and lazy river. The entire week the boys were so excited for them to open the water park. It was a chilly week, but the campground promised they would open the water park for the rally no matter how the weather turned out.


Well, the campground kept their promise and many of the kids braved the cold to enjoy it one afternoon. The outside temperature was in the 60s, and I have no idea how cold the water was but based on the blue, shivering lips of most of the kids it was quite cold!



Photo Credit: Brooke Foster


Photo Credit: Brooke Foster

Rally weeks are always so busy and super fun. One day we had a field trip canoeing down the Suwannee River.


Another day they had field games like relay races and crab soccer.


We also had campfires, pot luck dinners and lots of other fun with old and new friends.


FtF Rally Group Picture – Photo Credit: Brooke Foster

So that wraps up our winter in Florida and now we are making our way up the east coast. We are so excited to begin another year of adventures and making memories.


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Suwannee River Rendezvous

We just spent 2 weeks in Mayo, FL at the Suwannee River Rendezvous RV Resort. This was quite a change of pace for us since we hit the road. The first several weeks of our travels were so busy between moving, going to the rally, and spending time in Orlando with new friends. Although we have missed all of our new traveling friends, the past 2 weeks have been a good time to get caught up on school and work, and try to get settled into a new routine.

Speaking of missing new friends, I have realized that one of the hardest parts of this lifestyle is all of the “good-byes”. After spending 3 weeks with some really good people in the Fulltime Families group, saying good-bye was really hard! I know we’ll see them again someday when our paths cross again, but it doesn’t make it any easier to say good-bye for now.

Suwannee River Rendezvous is a very nice campground. Very clean, super nice people and a great Verizon signal which is important for Chris and me to get our work done. One of the owners is raising pigeons and he let Jake & Jesse come and see all of his birds and even hold some of them. We got to see some tiny babies that were just born that day, and some mother pigeons laying on their eggs.




They have a very nice pool area at this campground, but most of the time we were there the weather wasn’t warm enough. Jesse decided to give it a try anyway.


They have lots of activities at the lodge on the weekends like bingo, karaoke and sometimes they have a band play. While we were there some good friends of ours from home, the Norstrem family came to visit.  Here is a picture of me with Kelli sitting in one of the cute swings by the river.


While they were visiting we went to Troy Springs State Park.




During our down time at Suwannee River, the kids got to get started earning their badges for Fulltime Families Explorers. FtF Explorers is like a Boy Scouts for traveling families. The kids earn badges for various activities like RV Maintenance, Pet Caretaking, Elderly Appreciation, Cooking, etc.  They started on some badges this week, one of them being pet caretaking by taking care of Fat Cat. Jesse now feeds her and makes sure she has clean water, while Jake cleans her litter box and takes her for walks. Yes, we take our cat for walks on a leash — we don’t want her to get too fat!


Another thing we accomplished during our stay here is we went back to our house in Fernandina one last time to get the last of our stuff out of the house and get an inspection done. Our house is under contract to close on April 9th, so as long as all goes well, we don’t plan on going back to our house anymore. We will be able to take care of the closing on the road. Leaving our house for the last time was pretty emotional for me. Chris and the boys were outside waiting in the truck while I took one last look around the house to make sure we didn’t forget anything. I walked into what used to be the nursery and I remembered all the hours I spent in there rocking and nursing my babies to sleep. I walked into the boys’ room and remembered all the nights spent reading bedtime stories, saying bedtime prayers and singing them to sleep. I walked out to our back patio and pool area and remembered all the wonderful times we spent out there. I finally said good-bye and walked out to the truck. Of course the boys all laugh at me because I’m crying. They think it’s so funny that I cry about things like this.

Anyway, I’m writing this from the truck as we travel down I-10 on our way westward towards our next destination. I am very excited about this new adventure in front of us. It is hard to let go of all those things from our past, but like I said in a previous post, I take those memories with me. And I look forward to making many more memories where ever the road leads.


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