Pictured Rocks Cruise

Last week I wrote about visiting Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, but I wanted to save the pictures from the cruise for a separate post because this was the highlight of our time visiting this beautiful area.

We took this tour with Pictured Rocks Cruises. The tour lasts about 2.5 hours and it was amazing! The ship captain narrates on the ride along the lakeshore to let you know about the different rock formations you’ll see. He will even take the boat into a cove if the water is calm enough to do so.

The best seats on the boat are on the upper deck, forward-facing right side. We went on the 5pm cruise which was a perfect time to go since the sun was shining onto the rock formations. It’s also best to go on a sunny day if possible.

The day before the cruise we hiked to Miner’s Castle. The next 3 pictures show what it looks like from the hiking trail and from the cruise.

The day we hiked it was mostly cloudy. You can probably see the difference in the color of the water on a sunny day versus a cloudy day. It’s still very pretty no matter what kind of day it is, but this is why I suggest taking the cruise on a sunny day. The water color is spectacular when the sun is shining.

Near the end of the cruise we saw the East Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island.

I would highly recommend this cruise if you ever visit Pictured Rocks. The views from the hiking trails are nice, but the best views are from the boat tour.

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