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Fulltime Families Rally in Colorado

We attended our 4th Fulltime Families (FtF) rally in Montrose, CO.  It was a total blast!  We met up with some families that we met at previous rallies and also some new families.  Some of our favorite memories on the road have been spent with other traveling families.


The rally was held at the Jellystone Park in Montrose, CO.  We went a few days earlier than the rally started which gave us some time to catch up with some other friends that got there a little early.  We went back to Ouray to visit Box Canyon Falls with the Lundy family.  The falls were really cool!  The water coming through the canyon is so powerful and loud!



0621161805a  0621161647

Soon enough more families started pulling into the campground and the rally officially began.


I can’t even explain just how much fun it is to be parked next to several other traveling families.  We hung out every evening for campfires and happy hours and talked until late into the night.  Meanwhile the kids were off and running from sunup until sundown (and beyond) having a blast playing with all the other kids.

One afternoon when it was raining outside, several kids ended up at our RV to play with play-doh. Or I should say “to make a mess” because you know that’s how it goes with play-doh! 😉


One of the planned activities was an obstacle course for the kids where they went to each “booth” for an activity to complete.  At this table the activity was to paint a mask because the theme of this rally was “Super Heroes”.


Jesse’s friend Dylan was showing him how to use the bow & arrow to shoot the colored soda bottles.


I love Olivia’s face in this one.  She is determined to hit that soda bottle!


After everyone completed the obstacle course, they all gathered around the Yogi Bear statue for a picture.


One of our favorite activities was the Super Hero Pet Parade.  We made a cape for Super Fat Cat to wear.  She was not happy about being paraded around the campground, but she really tolerated it well.  And she became famous!  After that everyone knew who Fat Cat was, and whenever people passed by our site they would say “hey, there’s Fat Cat!”


There were all kinds of pets in this parade including frogs and rats.

0625161034  0625161037a

And dogs of course!



And even stuffed animals!


Once the parade started, Fat Cat tried to fly away.  Too bad her cape didn’t have real super powers!



Strangely, the pool at this campground was closed for most of the time we were there (even though it was well past Memorial Day and the weather was in the 90s).  I say “strangely” because this is supposed to be a Jellystone Park, but it wasn’t like any other Jellystone we have been to.  They did not have nearly as many fun activities and amenities as most Jellystone Parks have, but we made up for that with our own FtF activities.  The pool finally opened a couple of days before we left so the kids wanted to make the most of it while they had the chance.



On Saturday night we had the Super Hero pizza dinner and dance party.  Clementine had a really cool costume!



Jennifer made us feel tall by making herself look short next to us. 🙂


Our last night around the campfire was really fun.  I think we stayed out so late because we knew we were leaving the next day and wanted to make the fun last as long as possible.


I miss these girls!


If you are a traveling family, I would highly recommend you find a Fulltime Families rally near you and go.  We have made the most amazing friendships and memories at these rallies!

One last silly picture of the super heroes. 🙂


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North Texas Jellystone Park

We had reservations to stay at Bear Creek Campground in Ft. Worth, but at the last minute our reservation was cancelled due to flooding at that location so we ended up spending the week at North Texas Jellystone Park instead.  The kids were super excited about that!


We have stayed at several Jellystone Parks and I have to say this is probably my least favorite one we have visited.  Jellystone Parks are not cheap so we don’t splurge on them very often, but when we do we expect it to be an awesome park, and this one just wasn’t.  I don’t think it was worth the cost.  The kids would disagree with me however because they loved it.  They are so easy to please, I should try to become more like them. 🙂

They especially loved the Air Zone which had several bouncy houses. This was only open on the weekend so the boys were counting down the days all week waiting for it to open.





We also rode the hay ride, fire truck ride and the boys loved this train ride.


Most campsites at this park are super close together, but thankfully they put us on the other side of the park in between 2 cabins that were unoccupied for most of the week.  This site was really nice and at least had a bit of a yard unlike the sites on the other side of the park.


Some places we stay have awesome views, but this one — not so much.  We had a nice view of the parking lot and the water park that wasn’t open.


We enjoyed a visit with another Fulltime Family.  We met the Thomas family in February at the rally in Tampa.  It was fun to meet up with them again in Texas.  We really enjoyed getting to know their family a little better, and we hope to meet up with them again later this summer.

Look how many kids they travel with!  And all 6 of them are super sweet and polite.  I have had people tell me they could never live in an RV fulltime like we do because they have 3 or 4 kids and it’s easier for us because we only have 2 kids.  Well here you go.  A living example of a large family making it work.  We’ve actually met many large families living on the road. I think we’re in the minority with our small family of 4.


I’m currently blogging at 60 mph on our way across North Texas on to our next adventure.  Sometimes a place we go doesn’t quite live up to our my expectations, but I guess that’s all part of this unpredictable lifestyle.  So it’s onward and westward!


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Geese, Roosters and Patriotic Yogi Bear

We just spent a week at Jellystone Park of the Alabama Gulf Coast. It was fantastic! It was the first place we have been to where we were in a more woodsy type place. It was very peaceful, well, except for the noise of the geese and the peacocks and the roosters and — oh well, never mind, I guess it wasn’t all that peaceful, but it sure was fun!
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